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Make Sure you can be found when you are lost

About Safety Beacons New Zealand

Safety Beacons is a wholly New Zealand owned company that specialises in the design, development and manufacturing of sophisticated electronic products. We have been supplying leading edge safety equipment to aviation, marine, military and specialised consumer markets for more than 20 years.

Safety Beacons specialises in the production of Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons (EPIRBs), rescue beacons and aviation simulation equipment. Safety Beacons markets several COSPAS/SARSAT approved 406MHz/121.5MHz emergency beacons in New Zealand.

Electronic design demands a high level of expertise and requires an experienced company to facilitate the development process. At the heart of any electronic product is the component and firmware design. Getting the electronic design right and selecting the right components defines performance, future proofing, durability, cost and ultimately the success of a product.

We Bring Quality Electronic Products to Market

In electronics, time-to-market is crucial. Our engineers have the skills to bring quality products to market and accomplish this by using a platform that best suits your requirements, environment, and budget. As a result, you will benefit from accelerated development, accumulated experience, economies of scale and performance reliability.

Experienced, Skilled, Client-centered

When you entrust us with your electronic design and development needs, you can rest assured that we have the engineering experience and practical know-how to come up with the best solutions for implementation in the manufacturing phase. We have the experience and credentials necessary for complete turnkey development of electronics:

  • Analogue & Digital Circuit Schematics, Gerber Artwork and Layout Design
  • Embedded Systems Firmware & Micro Controller Programming
  • Embedded Systems Software Design
  • User-Interface Development
  • Hardware Design for EMI & EMC Compliance
As a team, we work closely with our clients throughout the process and use a design methodology that takes into account the agile and iterative nature of electronic product development. We take pride in our interactive, client-centred approach that involves you in all phases of a project. Our ability to communicate clearly – combined with our ability to produce functional and cost effective electronic designs – ensures that the end product will always live up to your needs and expectations.